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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a referral from my doctor?
    No you do not require a doctors referral to visit a Physiotherapist. Should you require any further medical advice we will liaise with your GP or health provider.
  • What can I expect on my first visit?
    Your first visit will be approximately 40 mins in duration. During that time we will discuss with you in detail your requirements and what you want to achieve from the treatment.
  • How many sessions will I require?
    This is really dependant on the condition that is being treated. However your Physiotherapist will work with you and discuss all treatment options available.
  • Can I bring a support person, interpreter or my child to the appointment?"
    Yes, absolutely.
  • What type of personal information do you need from me?
    We will ask you to fill out a form with your personal information. This is for our records and our administrative systems. The medical information is held in accordance to the Health Information and Privacy Act (1994). You have the right to access this information at your request. We may also discuss your health information with any referring agent such as your doctor or claim case manager. Please inform the physiotherapist if you are not in agreement with this.
  • How do I make a complaint or comment?
    If you wish to make a complaint or comment on our service there is a form available in reception for you to fill out, or you are welcome to write or phone. This can be done anonymously if you wish. Once a complaint is received it will be reviewed by one of the 2 partners of the clinic. If necessary another colleague may be brought in to resolve the complaint. You will be fully informed about the resolution process. You are also able to complain to the Privacy Commissioner regarding privacy and health information issues, and the Health and Disability Commissioner regarding your patient rights.
  • What are my rights and responsibilities as a patient?
    Please read the code of rights and the rights and responsibilities brochure available and ask the physiotherapist any questions you have. You are entitled to bring along to your treatment family/whanau or an advocate if you wish. You have the right to obtain a second opinion regarding your condition and the treatment options proposed. If you have any particular needs please inform the physiotherapist.
  • What are my ACC & work accident entitlements?
    We are able to complete an ACC form in relation to any specific event that caused your injury. For work related overuse injuries you will need to consult your GP for an ACC form. If ACC refuse your claim, they will inform you in writing and you will have to pay the private charge per visit. Confirmation of acceptance can be gained by phone within 24 hours of lodging a claim. Some large employers have another agency manage their work injuries. If you sustained a work injury you will need to inform your Employer/HR department. They will inform you of the name of the agent with whom we will liaise with. Please let us know immediately.

Contact Us To Make An Appointment

For all general enquiries or to make an appointment please call us fill in our contact form or book a new appointment online  and we will be in touch.​ Do consult your GP if you require urgent advice after hours.

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