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Wellington 6037

Clinic: Newlands Medical Centre

15 Batchelor Street


Scope of Practice

We are qualified to manage and prevent musculo-skeletal conditions using manual therapy,

acupuncture, exercises and electrotherapy.

Cultural Needs:

If you have any specific cultural needs, please make these known by communicating your

needs directly to the practice receptionist or to your physiotherapist.


We will ask you to fill out a form with your personal information. This is for our records and our administrative systems. The medical information is held in accordance to the Health Information and Privacy Act (1992). You have the right to access this information at your request. We may also discuss your health information with the referring agent such as your doctor or claim case manager. Please inform the physiotherapist if you are not in agreement with this.



ACC Initial assessment and follow up appointments: $20

ACC Initial assessment and follow up appointments, with Gold Card/Community Services Card: $15

Private initial: $60

Private follow up: $45

Private extended follow up: $60

Failed appointments or late cancelations:

Will be charged at $40 per visit missed. We understand that the unplanned may happen but your physiotherapist is not reimbursed unless you attend your appointment so please give at least 8 hours notice in normal circumstances.



Materials such as strapping tape, bandages, acupuncture needles,

resistance band and braces/supports will incur an extra charge.

This will be discussed at the time by your physiotherapist.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities:

Please read the code of rights and the rights and responsibilities brochure given to you and ask the physiotherapist any questions you have. You are entitled to bring along to your treatment family/whanau or an advocate if you wish. You have the right to obtain a second opinion regarding your condition and the treatment options proposed. We can arrange an interpreter for you if required. If you have any particular needs please inform the physiotherapist.

Exclusion From Treatment

SCOPE OF POLICY: All staff of The Johnsonville Physiotherapy Centre.

POLICY: Any patient that is deemed unsafe due to illness or behavior will be advised that they are unable to be treated that day.

PURPOSE:To ensure that The Johnsonville Physiotherapy Centre maintains the Health and Safety of all its employees and other clients.


1. Any client that presents for treatment with an infectious/contagious illness may be advised that they are unable to be treated at that time. Another appointment will be arranged for a later date.

2. Any client presenting for treatment who shows signs of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be advised that it is unsafe to treat them at this point. They will be advised that they can rebook for treatment when they are no longer affected.

3. Any  Patient presenting for treatment who is aggressive or abusive will be removed from the clinic and advised they cannot be treated. Police will also be informed.


ACC & Work Accident Entitlements:

We are able to complete an ACC form in relation to any specific event that caused your injury. For work related overuse injuries you will need to consult your GP for an ACC form. If ACC refuse your claim, they will inform you in writing and you will have to pay the private charge per visit. Confirmation of acceptance can be gained by phone within 24 hours of lodging a claim.

Some large employers have another agency manage their work injuries. If you sustained a work injury you will need to inform your Employer/HR department. They will inform you of the name of the agent with whom we will liaise with. Please let us know immediately.

Comments and Complaints:

If you wish to make a complaint or comment on our service there is a form available in reception for you to fill out, or you are welcome to write or phone. This can be done anonymously if you wish. Once a complaint is received the partner will review it. If necessary another colleague can be brought in to resolve the complaint. You will be fully informed about the resolution process.

You are also able to complain to the Privacy Commissioner regarding privacy and health information issues, and the Health and Disability Commissioner regarding your patient rights.

We specialise in manipulative therapy, sports and spinal injury treatment and rehabilitation. We also have a small gym on site where we are able to offer rehabilitation following injury, surgery and joint replacement. Small class Clinical Pilates programmes are also provided.

We are happy to treat any neurological and respiratory referrals.  Home visits are available on request.