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Pilates treatments provided by qualified Physiotherapists


Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is based on the original work and revolves around a series of exercises utilising spring-loaded equipment as opposed to weights. This allows for more functional movements to be performed and more of the major muscle groups to be worked.

The Pilates system is strongly underpinned by science.
A single Pilates exercise or movement always includes correct postural alignment, breathing technique to engage the deeper abdominal muscles, stretching and strengthening, and accuracy of movement. During the routine all of the muscles of the body are worked, starting with the deeper muscles that you are not aware of. 
This complete exercise programme improves postural awareness and develops flexibility, strength and muscle tone.

Post Natal

Getting back in shape after having a baby can seem an intimidating and time consuming task. During pregnancy the abdominal muscles are stretched to help accommodate the growing baby and after the birth these muscles are weak and need time to build back up. Pilates is a perfect way to speed along the process. New mothers often experience a lot of muscular tension in their necks and backs due to a lot of repetitive and stressful positions such as bending, carrying, nursing etc. 

Pilates for the post-natal woman focuses on strengthening the core control muscles of the lower abdominal region and pelvic floor, helping to create a muscular “corset” to support the spine. It is a comprehensive workout to blend toning and stretching of muscles. 


Pilates helps give a longer and leaner feel to your body. It helps in slimming down the muscles. The abdomen, lower back and hips, which are the problem areas for most post-natal mothers can be converted into a firm central support for a fit and active body.


Pilates focuses on proper balance, posture and breathing techniques, which also facilitate body awareness and movement. A majority of postnatal women who incorporate Pilates into their routine agree on improved performance, with enhanced breathing, fitness endurance, injury prevention and a better knowledge of the way their body moves.


Pilates offers the perfect post-natal workout and can be practiced by new mothers in varying post-natal stages


The traditional approach to rehabilitation and training has been to work on increasing strength and muscle bulk to bring the individual back to full capacity.  Recent research has shown that muscle strength and bulk may not be as important as the correct background muscle activity and that without this efficient background muscle activity, muscle strength and power may be more of a liability. The key to this “efficiency” is focusing on the base or core muscles of the shoulder, trunk and pelvis to provide a “base” for the limbs to operate from.

Clinical Pilates is an excellent tool in the rehab of sports people as it allows treatment of the underlying injury whilst maintaining the tone and function of the rest of the body at the highest level possible. Pilates also allows the athlete to work and strengthen through all their available range.

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